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PDF Compress for Mac Expert

  provides you with a really easy solution for PDF on Mac
PDF Compress for Mac Expert

PDF Compress for Mac
is a Mac OS X utility for reducing the size of PDF files, which compresses PDF file size by optimizing the resolution and compression method of images, removing unused thumbnails and metadata, stripping dead-object and compressing other parts of PDF files. Just drop your file on the panel and it will quickly create a new, compressed PDF file suitable for sending via e-mail or posting on the Web.  
  • Rich choices of compression options. 
  • PDF documents compressed to the file size you need. 
  • Compress PDF quickly and easily. 

Mac OS X 10.8 or above

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Key Features How-to

Working with PDF Compress Expert

With the extremely simple and clear interface, you can quickly compress your original PDF document. Please follow steps to get it done.

1. Add Files:

Click “Add files” button AddFileBtn  to import the original files you want to compress, or click File-­‐>Add Files on the menu to get started. You can import unlimited original files at  one  time.  Click  “Delete” DeleteFileBtn  to  remove  one  imported  PDF  file, click “Clear” ClearFileBtn  to remove all PDF files.

2. Set output options

Click on the gear icon SettingBtn in the line of the selected file. It provides 5 preset options to meet your different demands. You can choose from lossy image quality to minimal file size as you wish, moreover, you can also customize the output flexiblely.


Choose one format and select Apply to all option, the format of current file setting will apply to all the files in the panel.

1. Normal Compression: Uses the compressing utility in the system to compress the size.
2. Average Image Quality (150dpi): Converts all image quality of all JPEGs in the PDF to 150 dpi.
3. Low Image Quality (72dpi): Converts all image quality of the JPEGs in the PDF to 72dpi.
4. Lossless Compression: Deletes all the unnecessary data in the PDF and converts the color to RGB.
5. Minimal Size: Uses the maximum power to compress imported DPFs, making sure the output files' to be as small as possible.

Customize mode: You can setting image sampling resolution and sampling quality and image compression quality as the like.

3. Compress

After setting the output settings, click Convert  button to compress original file. The compression will be finished in seconds. Then you can click on the link in the document list to open the compressed file or click on the File-­‐>Open Output Folder to open the output folder.

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