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PDF Crop Expert

  provides you with a really easy solution for crop PDF pages on Mac
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      Are you still troubled by not knowing how to crop PDF pages? In many cases, you need to scan those important documents as PDF files to back up the data. However, some pages of the scanned PDFs may have useless white margins that are not good to read. Thus to make the PDF pages more beautiful, you probably have to crop them in certain sizes. PDF Crop is a Mac OS X utility You can crop the PDF to a selected area, after cropping, you can reduce the page size, and only the most relevant content remain.
  • Trimming PDF Page.
  • Support batch crop pages.
  • Support crop encrypt PDF files.

Mac OS X 11.0 or above

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Key Features How-to

Working with PDF Crop Expert

In order to cut off the unwanted borders or margins of the PDF pages, you can use the PDF Crop Expert. After cropping, you can reduce the page size, and only the most relevant content remain. Of course, you will come across many software programs to help you in that, but in this article, I will tell you the easiest solution to crop PDF pages with PDF Crop Expert.

1. Add File:

To add your files from your computer, click "Open" and select the files that you wanted to crop. Or you can just drag and drop files to the panel, whichever works best for you. 

2. Crop page rectangle

Resize the rectangle by dragging the corner handles to crop the page. Click "Done"to apply cropped setting and you can click Revert All to reset and crop again. 


3. Select Your Option

You can either choose to crop the current page or crop all pages of the document at once. 

1. Custom Crop

If you want to select the current page of the document for cropping manually, please select Cusom Crop button(will be selected by default), then the corp setting will be only apply to current page. 

 2. Batch Crop

  •  2.1 Crop all pages

If you select Batch Crop button,  all pages in the processed documents will be cropped equally.

  • 2.2 Select range to crop 

If you want to select some pages to batch crop, please click Page Button to open pages selection panel to select page range you want.

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